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About me

Who I am

Hello, my name is Sagar Ekhe. I am a Frontend Developer worked for Aquis Premium, Maharashtra, India. I also hold a Bachelors degree and as well as master degree in Computer Engineering. Since the age of 13, I have delved into numerous programming languages. My interest in designing and developing user interfaces is what drove me to specialise in Frontend Development. Currently I am seeking for a full-time job in a well established organization where I can enhance my knowledge and provide outstanding results with a growing team.

What I do

• Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML, CSS,JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, and JSON. • Participated in making Responsive Web Designs using Media Queries and Bootstrap. • Used JavaScript DOM manipulation and JavaScript event to generate the data result in UI


  • Coding: Apart from HTML5, CSS3 and JS at times I've worked with JQuery, Node.JS, sass/less
  • Framework & Database: React JS, mySQL, MongoDB, Restful Routing.
  • Education:
    * Master degree in Compurter Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.
    * Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Mumbai University.
  • Languages: I speak and write English, Marathi and Hindi.

My tools


HTML is the foundation of a good website. I make use of HTML semantics to improve screen-reader accessibility and SEO. I always make sure my markup is W3C validated.


I use SASS for my CSS. I aim for well-organized non-repetitive stylesheets. I use Bootstrap, as the starting point for my designs and take it from there with custom modifications.


JS is a language of many quirks, my knowledge in lower-level languages has helped me comprehend its mechanics. I employ ReactJS and Redux, with a functional approach, to deliver demanding frontend solutions.


Club Membership Record

Created a website to manage and maintain the record of members of the club. The project was created using jinja2 template which is lightweight and has modular design.

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SQLite

Massive color palette app using React JS.

Contains combinations of color palettes which can be deleted, created and edited accordingly. Each palette has several colors and through a slider the darkness and lightness of the colors can be varied. The format of the color can be changed from RGB to HEX through a drop-down option. To construct this project, I have used several new tools such as, Material UI, chroma.js, emoji-mart, react-sortable-hoc, react-pure-component, JSS.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Node.js, React.js, Redux, React Router.

Photocraft theme

Color Game

Develop an addictive, fast-paced, color picker mini game which drive people crazy over color and time. Brush-up on your color picker skills

Technologies: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3.

Yelp Camp Application

Creating Yelp Camp Application using MEAN Stack. I am creating this app using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for front-end and JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Passport.js, and MongoDB (Mongoose) for backend. I am using express to perform RESTful routing. Using this website user can get best deals on camps and can post their own camping experience.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, Passport.js, MongoDB, RESTful routing.

Contact No: (657)-445-7028

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